Webcasting is the term given to a scenario where the DMU Replay session is broadcast live on the Internet whilst the recording is being made.

Using the webcast tool we can set up a session and share the link in advance of the class or event taking place so that people can click the link and watch the session as it is being recorded. Using the Share settings we can also open the Webcast up to a wider audience or by default it will only be available to students who are enrolled on the corresponding Blackboard shell.

To setup a webcast:

1. Login to panopto.dmu.ac.uk

2. Locate the module folder that you want to associate the webcast/recording with

browse tab

3. Click the Create button and select Webcast

webcast option

4. Add session name and a description to the Create Webcast panel, and click the Create button

create a webcast

5. Click the Share tab and copy the link. You will need to make this link available for students in Blackboard – as students will need to click this link to watch the webcast. Click this link to see how to add a web link in Blackboard.

copy web link

Once the Webcast is created, you will be able to launch it using the DMU Replay recording software as part of the normal setup process by clicking Join Session and selecting the webcast from the list.

launch a webcast

IMPORTANT NOTE: The discussion post/chat function is DISABLED for webcasting and cannot be enabled.

replay webcast chat area