Using Turnitin Grade Forms for Assessment Feedback
NOTE: The Turnitin interface has been changed since the publication of this case study. However, the basic principles and processes for the use of a grading form have not changed.

In this two-part video case study Margaret Stone demonstrates how she uses the Turnitin Grade Form tool to create structured electronic marking and feedback templates, and use these to provide assessment feedback for students.

Project Lead
Margaret Stone
School of Pharmacy (Postgraduate)
DMU Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Part 1 – How to setup the Grade Form template


NOTE: The criteria heading in the grading form can only accept a maximum of 30 characters. The criteria description can only contain a maximum of 700 charcters.

grading form criteria


Part 2 – How to use the template to grade the work and give feedback


NOTE: When marking, the comments box for a criteria can only accept a maximum of 1000 characters.

grading form criteria

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This case study was prepared by:
Rob Weale (CELT)

Date of publication: August 2015