The email tool in Blackboard allows students to email everyone who is enrolled on the module – this includes all instructors and any external examiners or other external guests who may be enrolled. As such, this facility should only be use where it is wholly necessary, and with caution.

Students should be clearly instructed as to the rules of usage when using an email link in blackboard, to mitigate against the potential for inappropriate messages to be sent.

The email tool can be added to a module shell as follows:

1. Click the plus icon in the main menu and click Tool Link


2. From the drop down menu select Email, make it Available to Users, and click Submit


3. An email link will appear in the main navigation area – students can use this to email everyone who is enrolled on the module.


To remove the email tool from the Blackboard menu

1. Hover your cursor over the email link and click the grey icon


2. Click Delete