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This guide provides a step by step walk through for creating an audio/visual resource using a non-DMU computer.

Please note: as computers and devices vary quite widely, the computer/laptop/device that you choose to use may not be compatible with the DMU Replay software.

If you have not already done so you must download the DMU Replay (Panopto) software on to your computer. Click here for information about downloading the software.

warningPlease contact ITMS if you experience any issues with opening or using the DMU Replay Recorder software.
NOTE: When using DMU Replay on a personal or non-DMU computer, only limited technical support will be available from ITMS.

  1. Start the computer as normal and check that the computers microphone is active. To check this on a Windows PC, right-click the ‘volume’ icon (at bottom right of the computer screen)

Select Recording Devices


and select the ‘Recording’ tab. Ensure that the computer microphone is active.

PC recording tab

Note: some laptops/devices do not have a built in microphone or the option to connect a microphone. In these cases it is not possible to use DMU Replay.

2. Open the Start menu and open ‘Panopto’.

3. Log in with your DMU credentials

Login screen

The recording panel will appear

The standard installed DMU Replay recorder

4. Ensure the following settings are changed:

  • Video – set this to ‘None’,
  • Audio – select the microphone you will be using,
  • Quality – change this to ‘High’.


At this point it is important to check that the selected microphone is picking up the sound of your voice. If the microphone is not correctly picking up the sound this can result in a recording that cannot be used.

Begin to speak – if you see the audio meter moving as you speak – the microphone is set correctly.
[click the image below to show a video of the audio meter moving]

The audio meter is the multi-coloured strip just underneath Primary Sources

audio meter

If you have selected the microphone, but the meter DOES NOT move when you speak:

a) Ensure that the microphone volume control is set to maximum by clicking and sliding the volume control button all the way to the right.
[click the image below to show a video of how to set the microphone volume]

 microphone volume control

Begin to speak – if you see the audio meter moving as you speak – the audio is set correctly and you can continue with the process of setting up your recording. If the meter does not move – try repeating the microphone checking steps above. If it still does not move there may be an unknowable issue with your computer microphone and you may not be able to make the recording.

5. To continue setting up your recording – select the Blackboard shell that you want the recording to be associated with by clicking the little arrow to the right of the Folder option at the top of the recorder panel, and choosing the module from the menu that appears.


5. In the Secondary Sources window, select any other sources that you want to record. E.g. A PowerPoint presentation.


6. If you have chosen to record a PowerPoint presentation, you can open, automatically launch and begin recording the presentation by clicking the Open a Presentation button.

The configured DMU Replay recorder

7. If you are not recording PowerPoint, click the Record button to start recording.


8. Click the Stop button to stop the recording


9. You will be notified that the recording has completed successfully and the upload panel will appear.


10. You can change the Session name, and add a description for this recording.

11. To upload the recording to the DMU Replay Server click the Upload button. You can discard the recording by clicking the Delete and record again button – if you do this you will not be able to retrieve the recording.

Once the recording has been uploaded and is ready for you to access, you will receive an email from ‘DMU Replay’.

A link to the recording can then be made in your Blackboard module as usual.