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important When uploading videos the DMU Replay system can only handle a maximum resolution of 1080p. This is High Definiton and will be fine in the majority of cases but if you require a higher resolution please see the FAQ titled Can I or my students upload Ultra High Def’ videos?

Text based guide

1. Identify the module in which you want the video/audio to be viewed

2. Navigate to and sign in

3. Click Browse and locate the Folder to which the video will be uploaded

The Browse and Locate Buttons

4. Click the Create button and select Upload media from the menu (you use the same button when uploading audio-only recordings)

Clicking Create and Upload media

5. On your computer desktop, locate the video/audio that you wish to upload, drag and drop it into the drag and drop area

Drag and Drop media into DMU Replay

6. Your video/audio will upload to DMU Replay – this may take some time depending on the duration/file size of your video/audio


7. Create a link to the recording in Blackboard as normal: