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Feedback documents can be uploaded and attached to student grades in the Grade Centre.

1. Log into your module and go into the Full Grade Centre view.

Accessing the Full Grade Centre

2. Locate the coloumn for the assessment (e.g. test) and click on the grey icon which correponds to the student for whom you want to give feedback


3. Click View Grade Details


4. Click Edit Grade


5. Click the three dots in the Feedback to Learner area – this will expand the editor toolbar.

open editor

6. Click the plus sign (+) button.

add files button

7. Click Insert Local Files

insert local file option

8. Locate the file on your PC and click Open.

locating file on PC

9. If the file was successfully uploaded a link to it will appear in the Feedback to Learner area. Click the Save button to complete the upload.

file embedded in document

10. A link to the document should now appear under Feedback to Learner


11. When a student uses the My Grades function to access their grades they can view the attached feedback by clicking on the speech bubble icon next to their grade


12. This will present a window from which they can click the link to download and view their feedback