Add a (non-Panopto) video or audio recording that I have on my computer desktop to a Blackboard module


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Text based guide

1. Identify the module in which you want the video/audio to be viewed

2. Upload the video/audio to the DMU Replay server as follows:

a. Navigate to

b. Click the DMU Replay Sign In button


c. Log in with your usual DMU credentials


d. When DMU replay opens, click on the module folder into which you want to upload the vide/audio – from the list of modules on the left of the screen


e. Click the Create button and select Upload video from the menu (you use the same button when uploading audio-only recordings)


f. On your computer desktop, locate the video/audio that you wish to upload, drag and drop it into the drag and drop area.


g. Your video/audio will begin to be uploaded to DMU replay – this will take some time depending on the duration/file size of your video/audio


h. You will receive an email when the video/audio is ready to be added to Blackboard


4. Add a link to the video/audio in your Blackboard module as follows:

a. In a Blackboard content area, click the Tools button and select Panopto Video Link


b. Select the module from the Select a Folder menu


c. Select the uploaded video/audio from the Lecture menu


d. Give the video/audio a title and description (if needed)


e. Click Submit and then click OK


A link to the video/audio will now be available to students