The way that we are able to access and set Turnitin assignments in Blackboard has changed. We have provided information about the changes to Turnitin and additional resources to support your use of Turnitin.

Having created a Turnitin submission link, an adaptive release message will appear with the link – you can ignore this message. The link will be available to all students on the module.

turnitin link

There are currently a few other behavioural nuances in the updated Turnitin (these may be resolved in time), as follows:

1. Setting the Feedback Release Date

turnitin grade release date

Setting this DOES NOT automatically hide the Grade Centre column in Blackboard, which means when you begin marking work students will be able to see their grades immediately. You will therefore need to manually hide the column in the grade centre. Information about how to do this can be found on the DL&T website: Preventing students from seeing their grades in Blackboard – DLaT Hub (

Similarly, when you want to reveal grades and feedback to students you will have to manually show the columns in the grade centre using the same process as detailed in the link above.

2. Editing settings

If you edit or change any of the settings in a new Turnitin submission link it will automatically re-show the hidden column in Grade Centre. So if you make any changes to a Turnitin submission make sure you go back into the Grade Centre and manually hide the column again.

E.g. Column is hidden for Assignment 1

hidden column

I then changed the instructions in the Assignment 1 Turnitin submission settings.

edit settings panelReturning into the Grade Centre, the Assignment 1 column is now visible to students. So I will need to hide it again.

column header

3. Using Groups for marking in Turnitin

When setting up groups in Blackboard to be used for allocated marking in Turnitin you must ensure that the Groups are set to be ‘visible to students’.

make visible button

If they are not visible to students, the group will not be displayed in Turnitin. More details about setting up groups for marking in Turnitin can be found on the DL&T website: Using Groups to apportion marking across a module team when using Turnitin – DLaT Hub (

4. Editing the due date, changing the title and description information

Having setup a Turnitin submission you cannot change the Due date or add/edit the submission title or description information directly from the settings panel; they will be greyed out.

turnitin settings

To edit these:

Click the grey button next to the submission link and select Edit.

edit settings button

Change the details in the Blackboard panel and click Submit.

settings editor

Note: as mentioned in #2 above, if you change these settings you will need to re-hide the column in Grade Centre.