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The Note icon In policy, written coursework at DMU should be submitted via Turnitin and marked anonymously. However, there are restrictions in Turnitin such as word counts (minimum 20 words), file types and files sizes (maximum 100mb) that make it unfit for purpose when assessing large files or multimedia objects. Colleagues are encouraged to use a variety of assessment media and approaches in line with UDL guidance.

The Note icon Although DMU does have access to other platforms for moving large files around, they should not be used for assessment purposes due to the lack of digital receipting, potential GDPR issues and consistency of student experience please. Specifically, please do not use Zend, student OneDrive folders and Blackboard for large file submissions.

Assessed multimedia objects.

The DMU Replay service provides the supported platform for students submitting completed multimedia files; for example, students may work on a video as an assessed component. Where the final video (.mp4, .mov, .avi etc.) is to be assessed, the DMU Replay Assignment Folder in conjunction with the Blackboard Assignment Tool should be used to facilitate submissions and the provision of marks and feedback.

Click here to see how to enable the DMU Replay Assignment Folder for your Module.

The Note icon There is no file size restriction in DMU Replay. The only restriction in DMU Replay is the file type; for example, regardless of its content, a .zip file cannot be uploaded to DMU Replay by staff members or students, nor can files such as .cad files and .prproj files.

Large file submissions.

Where students are expected to submit a large file or files (over the 100mb Turnitin limit) and the file is not a complete (rendered) multimedia file, the Large Files Submissions system should be used. This system enables the submission of large files; examples include, students may have created a website and are required to submit a zipped offline version for assessment or students may be required to submit an entire Adobe Premier Pro project with media assets. The zipped website or Adobe file with assets will likely exceed the Turnitin limit of 100mb and therefore the Large Files Submissions system is the platform that enables such practice.

Click here to see how to set up the Large Files Submissions system for your Module.