DMU Replay – Editing recordings quickguide


Text based guide

  1. Once logged on to the computer, open your preferred web browser and navigate to

The Panopto login screen

2. Ensure that ‘DMU Replay’ is displayed next to ‘Sign in using’ and click the ‘Sign In’ button.

3. Log in using your usual Blackboard log in details.

Logging in

4. Locate the recording that you wish to edit and click the Edit icon.

The Edit icon

5. The editor view will now open in the web browser.

The Panopto editor

6. To trim the beginning and end of the recording use the beige handles that appear at the beginning and end of the timeline by dragging them in with the mouse.

Trimming the recording

7. To remove a section from the middle of the recording: first click on the Scissors icon, then move the mouse onto the timeline and click at the approximate point where you need the edit to begin.

The Scissors icon

8. Move the mouse to the right and click the approximate point where you need the edit to finish.  There will now be a new pair of handles for you to work with in order to remove the section that appears between the new handles.

Snipping a section

9. To edit the Events that Panopto has created during the recording or to add events, in the Editor view, click the Events tab.

The Events tab

10. As the mouse is moved over an event a Delete button and an Edit button become available: to delete an Event, click the Delete button, to Edit and Event, click the Edit button.

The Edit and Delete buttons

11. Use the Edit Event window to edit the Time, Caption, Searchable Metadata and Url options.  Once changes have been made to the Event, click the OK button, or click on Delete Event to remove it.

The Edit Event view

12. To add a new Event, click the Add a new event button.

The Add a new event button

13. The timeline will now be shaded green, click the mouse at the point on the timeline where you need the new Event to appear.

Adding a new Event to the timeline

14. As above, use the Edit Event window to make changes and click the OK button when these are complete.

Adding a new Event

15. To Edit or Delete streams click on the Streams tab: this will display a list of the streams that were recorded.  Clicking Edit will open the Edit Stream properties window. Clicking Delete will remove an entire stream from the recording – this removal is permanent.

The Streams tab

16. By recording all streams as ‘Secondary Capture Devices’ we are able to edit and/or remove visual streams without interrupting the audio.

Edit and Delete streams

17. The remaining ‘Slides’, ‘Edits’ and ‘Captions’ tabs can be used to see an alternative view of the slides that have been recorded or the edits that have been made using the timeline.

The Slides, Edits and Captions tabs

18. Once all of the edits have been made, click the Save button. The recording will re-encode and be temporarily unavailable for viewing whilst the edits are applied.

The Save button



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