1. Navigate to https://panopto.dmu.ac.uk

2. Click the Sign In button

The DMU Replay Sign In Button

3. Sign in with your usual DMU credentials


4. Click the Module Folder that the feedback videos relate to

Selecting the Module Folder


5. Click the Create button followed by New Folder

The Create New Folder Buttons
6. Type an appropriate Folder name, remove ‘Inherit permissions from the parent folder’ and click Create Folder

Creating the Folder

7. Using the People and Groups section, add the student by typing their name or pnumber into the first field. DMU Replay will search and suggest as you type. Click the student name.

invite panel


8. Uncheck the Notify people option

notify check box

9. Click Save

save button

10. The student will now have Viewer access to the Folder and any content that is recorded or upload to it


11. Repeat the process for each student (or group of students)

12. You will now be able to either record to the Folder(s) using the DMU Replay software or you could upload an existing video