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On July 31st each year all Blackboard shells for the upcoming academic session automatically become available to staff – there is no need to request them. Any teaching staff who were enrolled onto these modules in the previous year will be automatically carried over to the new module shells. Please note that you will still be required to copy your course content over from the previous years shells, and make your course available (by default the module shells are unavailable).

If you need to access your new module shell(s) prior to July 31st, you can request early access by emailing the ITMS service desk ( Include the word Blackboard in the subject line of the email and provide the module codes of the modules that you want to access.

Although any member of academic staff can request a Blackboard module shell, such requests should ideally come from the Module Leader of the module concerned.

importantIf your module is new or has been re-named there may be no instructors enrolled on it and as such you will not be able to locate it in Blackboard. If you have such a missing module:

1. Contact your programme administrator to check that the module template has been added to the SAP system

2. When the programme administrator has confirmed that it is on the system, contact the ITMS service desk via email – ask them to activate the module, you must include the full module code and a list of the instructors (their DMU user names) who need to be enrolled on the module shell.