An effective and reasonably easy to manage combination for the delivery of online teaching includes a DMU Replay recording of short presentation (20 Р30 minutes), with an associated Discussion Forum in which you can create points of discussion that the students can discuss between themselves, an online test for students to check their understanding of the content and a link to a live online seminar session.  There is a live example of this in the Example Module Shell which can be found in the My Communities Panel on Blackboard.

example module shell

Under the Remote Teaching Tab

remote teaching tab

The two screen shots below show how this content can be organised in Blackboard.

  1.  Three Content Folders have been created.

content folders

2. Each content folder contains learning resources to support the lecture content and engage the students in active reflection on the content. This includes;

a) DMU Replay recording of lecture.

b) Discussion Forum. This can be used to engage students in a discussion about the content of the lecture. As an instructor you can also engage in this discussion. For example, you could tell students that you will be looking at discussion forum from 10am-11am, on a certain day during which time you will be responding to any of the discussions that have been taking place. This could involve posting follow-up discussion topics for students.
[Click here for information about Discussion Forums]

c) Formative online test to check knowledge. You can setup a short formative online test which uses automatically marked questions (e.g. Multiple Choice, True or False, etc.) that helps students to check their understanding of the lecture topic. If students identify gaps in their understanding they can re-visit the lecture and the discussion forum.
[Click here for information about online tests]

d) If there is the requirement to deliver a ‘live’ teaching session/seminar in real-time where students are able to verbally interact with the tutor and their peers. The learning materials can include a link to an online interactive session using MS Teams.
[Click here for more information about MS Teams]

module structure