DMU Replay – Classroom recording quickguide



Text based guide

1. Log on to the classroom computer as normal

2. The DMU Replay software (Panopto) will start automatically

3. Click the ‘Log in with DMU Replay’ button

 Log in with DMU Replay

4. Log in with your DMU credentials and the Panopto recorder window will open

The default settings

5. Click the arrow button to select the Blackboard shell that recording will be associated with

Selecting the Blackboard Course

6. In the list that appears, click on the ‘Add new session’ button next to the desired Blackboard shell

Adding a new session

7. If recording video, select the video source from the drop down menu


8. If recording the desktop computer screen select the Capture Primary Screen option in the Secondary Capture Sources panel


9. Click the ‘Open a Presentation’ button.

The Open a Presentation button

10. Locate your slides and click the ‘Open’ button.


11. You will now see a box asking if you want to begin the recording once PowerPoint is open.

12. Click ‘Yes’ and the first slide will be displayed – the recording has now started.

13. Once the lecture is finished and you are ready to stop the recording, click the ‘Stop’ button in the Panopto software.

The Panopto stop button

14. You will be notified that the recording has completed successfully, click the ‘Ok’ button.


importantPanopto will now upload the entire recording and you must wait until the ‘Upload’ process has finished before logging off of the computer.

15. It is now possible to log off and leave the classroom as all of the processing work to make the recording ready to add to Blackboard is completed behind the scenes.