Turnitin are no longer supporting the current method of integration with Blackboard (the ‘Blackboard Basic Building Block’) from 18th July 2022. Instead, we are moving to a new standard of integration between Blackboard and Turnitin, called LTI (‘Learning Tools Interoperability’).


Key benefits of the new LTI

  • Improved efficiency – such as the ability to anonymously mark using Blackboard groups to distribute marking.
  • Instructor access to analytics dashboard via the assignment inbox.
  • Improved interface.


Key differences

There are a number of important aspects of Turnitin that will be changing:

  • A small change to the way instructors create Turnitin assignment links and access submissions.
  • Students will received a downloadable onscreen digital receipt rather than an e-mail.
  • Bulk uploading assignments will change.
  • Rubrics and grading forms are added from the assignment inbox view, or within the Feedback Studio view.
  • The ability to download a list of non-submitters, even when marking anonymously.


The Similarity Report and Feedback Studio interface that is used for marking and providing feedback will remain exactly the same with the new Turnitin integration


Key dates

After 17th July 2022, our existing Blackboard Basic Building Block version of Turnitin will be unavailable for creating new assignments.

From 18th July 2022, all new assignments will be created and accessed using the new LTI.


New LTI process

From 18th July 2022, Turnitin assignments will be created using the new LTI integration method. This will be via Build Content > Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard (not Assessments > Turnitin Assignment as used previously). The process of creating a Turnitin assignment will be very similar to the method used previously – providing assignment title and due / post dates, etc.


The Note icon The ‘new’ style link will no longer show the Turnitin logo and you will see a message relating to Adaptive Release being enabled. Please ignore this message.

To view and mark submitted assignments, instructors will no longer be able to access them via the Control Panel > Turnitin Assignment route. Instead, instructors click on the Turnitin assignment link from within the Blackboard shell, which then displays the assignment inbox.


The assignment inbox will be simplified, with two tabs on the top of the screen – Assignment Inbox and Analytics. This functions much like the previous version of Turnitin, but with some additional features, such as the ability to search for a student.


Further information on using the new LTI process can be found here.


Accessing ‘old’ Turnitin assignments

Accessing and marking any Turnitin assignments created prior to 18th July 2022, using the Basic Building Block method (via Assignments > Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard), will remain the same.

You will be able to navigate to Course Tools > Control Panel > Turnitin Assignments, where student submissions will be located. They can be viewed and marked as before.

Further information on accessing old Turnitin assignments can be found here.


Useful links and support

Turnitin Help – Blackboard LTI for Instructors

Further information, help and support will be added to this page shortly. If you have any questions please contact a Digital Learning & Teaching Consultant.