This guide shows how to move a Teams recording to Blackboard

This page is available to download in Microsoft Word format.

When you record in MS Teams your video will become available in MS Stream

After recording in Teams, you will also receive an email to confirm that your recording is ready in Stream. If you are already logged into O365 you can click to go directly to the video.

1)   Download Video from Stream

Below the recording you will see some options for sharing, editing details.

Click on the three dots, then Download Video

2)   Upload to DMU Replay

You can upload to the DMU Replay folder for your module in a number of ways

You can locate the appropriate folder at


Within your Blackboard site, locate Panopto Content, as below

a) Click the Create button and select Upload media.

You can either drag the downloaded video file into the grey box or, click the box and browse for the downloaded .mp4* file.

NB. please note you can drag and drop or browse for multiple files, allowing them to be uploaded in a batch

 3)   Add your recording in Blackboard

You can now post your recording in the usual way into the appropriate Content Area of your Module

See Upload a video to Panopto

See Quick Guide for adding your recording to Blackboard