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1. Access Collaborate Ultra via the Control Panel in the module

collaborate tab

2. Click the ‘burger’ menu in the top left.

burger menu

3. Click the Recordings tab

recordings tab

4. Click the Recording options button

recording options button

5. Make your selection from the menu of options

recording options

NOTE: It is not possible to track viewing statistics for collaborate recordings.

How do students access recordings?

1. Students access Collaborate via the link that you setup for them in the module.

collaborate link

2. They then access the recordings using the same process as staff (see steps 2-4 above)

3. When clicking the Recording options button, students only have two options. Watch the recording or Download the recording.

recording options

If the student chooses to download the recording it will be saved to their local computer as an MP4 video file.
NOTE: if you do not want students to be able to download a copy of the recording; when setting up the session DO NOT check the Allow recording downloads box.

session settings