A LearningZone Assignment or Test can be set to display to students as a Pass or Fail.

Stage 1 – setup the Grade Scheme.

1. Go into My Grades.

my grades tab

2. Click schemes.

schemes tab

3. Click New Scheme.

new scheme button

4. Give the scheme a name (this can be whatever you like).

name panel

5. In the Ranges panel: type FAIL in box 1, type PASS in box 2. Delete unnecessary options by clicking the trash can.

ranges panel

6. Enter the pass threshold score. In this example a student who scores 0-39 will FAIL, a student who scores 40+ will PASS.

ranges panel

7. FAIL/PASS can be colour coded (this is optional).

grade colour codes

8. Click Save and Close.

save and close button

Stage 2 – deploy the Grade Scheme into an Assignment or Test.

1. Go into My Grades.

my grades tab

2. Click Manage Grades.

manage grades

3. Locate the Assignment that you want to apply the PASS/FAIL scheme to. Click the options menu button, and select Edit.

edit grade option

4. Scroll down the properties page to the Grade Scheme selector. Click to display the options and select the Grade Scheme that you would like to use (this will be the scheme that you setup in Stage 1).

scheme selector

5. Scroll down the page to the Display Options.

Check Override display options for this item.
Check Grade scheme symbol (this setting will display PASS or FAIL).
Check Grade scheme colour (if you had set a Grade scheme colour).

grade display options

6. Click Save and Close.

save and close button

You have now completed the process of applying a PASS/FAIL grade to the assignment.

The Gradebook view.

When viewing the assignment results panel in the Gradebook the PASS/FAIL will be indicated alongside the score and percentage score for the assignment. The grade scheme colour will also be displayed (if you set a colour).

grade display panel

Students who did not submit the assignment/test will be scored as a FAIL.

grade display panel

The student view.

When a student views their grade for this assignment or test. They will see their grade listed as either FAIL or PASS only.

student grade display

student grade display