If you had created a forum that allowed the grading of threads, you may go on with this tutorial. To find out more about how to set forum settings please read the help guide on creating a discussion board, read more here.

Locate your discussion forum in your Blackboard course. In the the below example the discussion board is linked from the course menu.

With Edit Mode On:

  1. Locate and select your Discussion Board link from the menu on the left side of the page or select the content area from which the discussion board is located.
  2. If you have set the the forum to be graded you should see a 'Grade Discussion Forum' button located at the top panel – select this button or if you have set threads in a forum to be selected you will see a 'Grade Thread' button against all threads, select this button.
  3. Locate the student that you wish to enter a grade for, there is a 'Post' column which indicates if any posts have been posted by a student.
  4. Select the Grade button at the end of the row for that student.
  5. Enter a grade value and feedback if you wish to. If you want to use the text editor, select the text editor button. Note that Grade Notes are for your own view only and students can't read these notes.
  6. Select the 'Submit' button to save the grade and any details added.
  7. Click OK.

More Information

Q: How do I add a file to my Discussion Thread?
A: In the reply area, there is an option to Attach a file.
Note: All files should have a three letter file extension (such as .pdf, .doc or .htm), which designates its file type. To prevent conflicts, file names should contain no spaces or special characters except the underscore (_) and only one period before the file extension (ex: HomeWorkOne.doc).

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