Welcome to the CELT Hub – your ‘one stop shop’ for all things ELT @ DMU

The CELT hub is the main staff support hub for the use of ELT (eLearning) at DMU.
Developed by the CELT, it contains everything that you need to know about the use of ELT @ DMU…and more!

tipELT = Enhancing Learning through Technology



pedagogyUsing technology for learning and teaching is now widely recognised and embedded in the education sector. It provides many opportunities for enhancing learning and teaching and gives greater flexibility to our learners and our teachers. The purpose of this site is to support staff who wish to use technology in their teaching. It offers comprehensive resources and information on ELT that we support at DMU and news about emerging technologies in the world of ELT.

Hub Navigation
The Hub is divided into six (6) main sections:

Support Using Technology | QuickGuides | Training and Development | Sharing Practice | Documentation and Policy |

Hub Hyperlinks
All hyperlinks on The Hub are orange in colour and are underlined. About the CELT Hub

Hub Iconography
There are a series of icons on the hub that are related to specific themes and content. These icons are to assist with navigation and to identity specific issues concerning certain practices and procedures – as follows:

tip  Helpful tip

  This icon accompanies helpful tips – such as workarounds and short cuts.


important  Alert

  This icon is used to alert site users to important information.


  Requires specialised equipment

 This icon indicates that the procedure explained may require the use of specialised equipment/hardware. It will contain a link to information about where to obtain the required equipment/hardware.


workshopsStaff Development Workshops and Training
This icon links to information about staff training and development workshops in the use of ELT for teaching.



Recommended reading

This icon is associated with information, procedures or practices for which there is recommended reading, which may be in the form of links to electronic information, document and multimedia downloads.


documentKey Documentation and/or Policy
This icon indicates information or material that concerns core institutional operation, such as institutional policy documents and guidelines.


Video content – This icon indicates that there is a video associated with the particular information/item.

audio Audio content – This icon indicates that there is an audio recording associated with the particular information/item.


This icon indicates sections, information or links that concern help – such as FAQs.



This icon accompanies information concerning Blackboard.


This icon indicates information that concerns the pedagogic use of ELT. How and/or why a particular technology is useful from a teaching and learning perspective.



This icon indicates an activity that requires some form of consent to be given prior to the activity taking place. E.g. video recording a student role play session, video/audio recording a lecture in which students can be seen or heard on the recording.

May require software installation

This icon indicates that the procedure explained may require the installation of computer software. It will contain a link to information about where to obtain and how to install the required software.


copyrightPotential copyright issues

This icon indicates that the procedure described may have copyright issues. E.g. downloading a video from the internet to use in Blackboard.


Download – This icon is associated with any downloadable materials/files. Clicking the button will download the materials/files to which is is linked.

CELT Case Study

This icon indicates case study materials that have been developed by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology at DMU.



This icon accompanies information about resources (equipment, hardware, software) that can be used to support and develop eLearning.


Effective practice

This icon accompanies information that concerns the effective use of ELT.


Support using technology

This icon accompanies information concerning help and support in the use of ELT, such as guidelines on the use of Blackboard.