The DLaT team offers a range of student focussed sessions that can be delivered in Faculties. These sessions can be organised in consultation with your Faculty DLaT Consultant:

ADH – Heather Conboy

BAL – Richard Vallance

CEM – Ian Pettit

HLS – Rob Weale

Student support sessions delivered by DLaT in faculty

Blogs / wikis / Journals
Working with images in word
Managing One Drive
Using styles and contents in Word
Tech for the terrified
What kind of learner are you?
OneNote skills
Communicating effectively using discussion boards (forums / wikis)
Word styles and contents for reports and essays
Manage a large Word file effectively
Effective PowerPoint presentations
Understand what Office 365 features I can use at DMU
Your digital footprint (Privacy settings that matter, create a positive digital presence)
Introduction to Blackboard
Introduction to DMU Replay
Introduction to Turnitin
Using DMU Replay for assessments (How and approach)