The Turnitin rubric manager is accessed via an existing Turnitin submission link:

1. Navigate to a Turnitin submission link in any module and click it

turnitin link

2. Click the settings button

settings button

3. Expand the Optional settings panel by clicking it

image of optional settings button

4. Ensure the Attach a Rubric option is checked and click Launch Rubric Manager

launch rubric manager

5. Click the rubric menu button and select the rubric or grading form that you want to export

image of select rubric button

6. To Export the selected Rubric. Click the Export/Import button and select the Export option.

image of export rubric option

7. The Rubric file will be downloaded and saved to your PC. DO NOT click the Open File option as this will not work.

download message

NOTE: If you are using the Firefox web browser once you have downloaded the file you will need to Save it to your PC.

Select the Save File option then click OK.

download message

8. To Import a Rubric that has been exported. Click the Export/Import button and select the Import option.

image of import rubric option

9. Click the select files button

image of rubric import select button

and locate the rubric file on your computer. It can be found in the Downloads folder on your PC.

downloads folder

The file will be a .rbc format

rbc file format

10. You will see an import complete message – the rubric will now be available in your Rubric manager list

image of imported rubric file