By embedded a PowerPoint presentation into your Blackboard module, programme or community shell, you can provide students with a more visually appealing course design. It is also the easiest way to share updates to the presentation with your students since any changes made will automatically be updated in the presentation in your Blackboard course. This makes it the most efficient way to share PowerPoint presentations with your students.

Below are the steps required to embed a PowerPoint presentation in your Blackboard course.

  1. Use the web-based Office 365 to access your PowerPoint file (not on your computer desktop). Go to File > Share:

2. On the Share screen, select Embed:

3. Copy the Embed Code to your clipboard:

4. Go to your Blackboard shell and the relevant content area you wish to add the PowerPoint. Select Build Content > Item:

5. Give the page a name, and then in the text editor switch to the Source code view. Paste the embed code you previously copied into here and then Save/Submit:

6. Your PowerPoint file will be embedded into the content area. Please note users may have to login to their Office 365 account, if not already, to view the PowerPoint. Students will be able to download the file if needed.