1.    Text-based assignments should be submitted by students online only.

2.    When assignments are submitted online, there should be no requirement for students to submit a hard-copy of their assignment.

3.    Summative assignments should be marked anonymously.

Any exceptions to this must be agreed at Faculty Programme Management Boards (PMBs).

It is accepted that in some instances (due to the nature of the assignment), online-only submission of text-based assignments is not practicable or possible. In these instances, alternative methods of submission should be agreed at PMBs. This also similarly applies to anonymous marking.

The standard method of e-submission of text-based assignments is via Turnitin (from within Blackboard), where work can be checked for originality.

Whilst text-based submissions are submitted online-only, it remains the module team’s choice if grades/feedback are delivered and/or returned to students online. There is no requirement to mark online, however utilising the online grading and marking features in Turnitin Feedback Studio is encouraged.

Aspects of the current DMU Assessment and Feedback Policy should be adhered to for text-based assignments.

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