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Project lead
Christine has provided a case study which illustrates how students found writing through blogging has helped students in so many ways
Read more here the case study in full download_smallChristineBoydellStudent-TEXT1400-CCS-BLOGGING-PROJECT
Dr Christine Boydell
School of Humanties
Faculty of Art, Design & Humanities
• To overcome barriers to academic writing among students
• To utilise the VLE in creating interactive and creative spaces for learning
• To develop inclusive learning and teaching strategies for Critical and Contextual Studies (CCS)
To name just a few:
  • Improved student engagement & attendance
  • Reduction in anxieties about writing
  • Improved links between theory and practice
Student Comments:
“Overall I have enjoyed the experience of writing these blog entries and it is definitely something that I will try to continue with as it seems to be the most exciting new way for designers to showcase their work and gain support.


“I would love to carry on with the blog for the rest of the year; I would enjoy discussing things which I stumble upon that interest me and may interest others and also share my work with other people.”



Future Developments
The assignment will definitely continue to be used within the FSHN1200 module going forward (although with modifications), and could be transferred to other Art & Design specialisms.
ELT Case Studies
DMU Staff
If you would like to have your eLearning practices captured and disseminated in a similar case study, please contact your Faculty ELT Project Officer