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There are certain process and practices in the use of technologies to support teaching, learning and assessment that you may only use a few times a year, and at broadly dispersed intervals. This can sometimes result in you not remembering the process and having to try and re-locate the ‘how to’ instructions on the DLaT hub.

Using the bookmark function in your web browser can be a good way to keep track of where these essential ‘how to’ guides are located, and provide you with instant access to them – without having to search for them every time in the DLaT hub.

To use bookmarks in Microsoft Edge

1. Navigate to the how to guide in the DLaT Hub that you want to bookmark. E.g. setting up a Turnitin submission link:

2. Click the Star icon in the top right of your screen

microsoft edge favourites icon


3. Click the little arrow next to the Favourites tab

expand the favourites menu button

select Favourites Bar and click the Add button

add to favourites bar panel

4. A menu bar will appear at the top of the page and there will be a link to the guide that you just added.

favourites bar item

This menu bar with all links that you have added to it will appear at the top of the screen whenever you browse the internet. Simply click on the link to access the content of the link.

5. You may wish to add the following ‘how to’ links to your Favourites bar, to start with.

Copy last year’s Blackboard module shell to a new shell

Make DMU Replay recordings from last year’s modules available to students in this year’s modules

Add automatic captions to my DMU Replay recording

Put a DMU Replay recording into a Blackboard module

Set up a Turnitin submission link in Blackboard to be marked anonymously online using the Turnitin Feedback Studio

Use Groups to apportion marking across a module team when using Turnitin

Add a link through which students can access their grades in Blackboard