commonsOur DMU Commons is built on the Word Press Platform which supports a multitude of purposes from a simple blog to a content management system (website), which still has the blogging functionality but allows you to create pages and have a menu based structure.

We’ve named this the ‘DMU Commons’ as we envisage it to be a  ‘ is a shared place for the production of learning and research that is personally and socially transformative. Our DMU Commons will connect the social world of DMU to the resources, artifacts, networks and conversations that emerge from our thinking. The DMU Commons will nurture, stimulate and enhance respectful and generous learning conversations, within and beyond the University. It will help us to realise our ambitions through co-operation and our shared labours.

Having a blog space is available to both all DMU staff and students. More information about how to set up your blog is available on the DMU Commons.