OurDMU (formally the DMU Commons) is a blogging and website building system that is available to DMU staff and students. It uses the WordPress Platform which supports a multitude of purposes from a simple blog to a content management system (website) that allows you to create pages and have a menu based structure.

Before creating a site it is important that you read the Terms and Conditions for using OurDMU. In particular there are a few important conditions that site users should be aware of.

  1. OurDMU has been setup as a ‘what you see if what you get’ system. This means there is no option to add any extra functionality, such as plugins, themes, and widgets – as is normally the case with WordPress.
  2. There is an expectation that OurDMU users own and administer their own site/space. OurDMU support will help where possible, but we expect users to self-help. Given that OurDMU is a standard WordPress installation there are comprehensive ‘how to’ guides provided on the WordPress Support website.
  3. All OurDMU sites are public – which means anyone from across the globe can view your site. There is no mechanism to make your site private.
  4. OurDMU is a WordPress installation. As WordPress is a global open source platform it relies on site users to develop/support/maintain/and future proof its tools (themes, plugins, widgets, etc). To this end, there is no guarantee that a theme, tool, or plugin that is installed on OurDMU today will remain compatible with future upgrades and updates of the OurDMU Platform. This may result in certain themes, tools or plugins no longer functioning at some point in the future. The consequence of which might be that some sites lose certain functionality.


It is also advised that you read the general information about OurDMU.

Information about how to set up your OurDMU site, and some of the basics for getting started can be found in this document, which is also available on the OurDMU home page.