DMU Replay is available for all DMU staff and students to use in ways that are relevant to their own curricula and to enable implementation of the DMU Replay policy. Our intention is that these tools support multimedia based pedagogic innovation and DMU’s Universal Design for Learning Principles.

For more information about Universal Design for Learning and its Principles please go to Blackboard, Mandatory and Online Training for Staff, UDL.


1. If you have not used DMU Replay previously, it is recommended that you attend a DMU Replay overview session from the CELT staff development programme.

2. Despite being able to broadcast whilst recording, DMU Replay is NOT a tool for enabling synchronous STUDENT INTERACTION. If you want to do this please see the Microsoft Teams help guides for assistance.

3. When engaging with DMU Replay, there are a number of relevant DMU produced guidelines that should be followed regarding the use of technology for assessment, obtaining consent, ownership and performance rights – the following DMU guidelines are available:

4. To use DMU Replay (Panopto) software at your desk, launch the Panopto Recorder from: If the software is not available to you, contact the ITMS Service Desk (ext 6050) – email:

Step by step user guides

importantThe lectern PC’s at DMU have been updated to Windows 10 over summer 2017. Although the process for logging in and signing out of the PC has changed, DMU Replay will still automatically open for you and should be used as described here and on the lectern sign.

The guides contained in this section of the CELT Hub are full scenario based guides that show how to use DMU Replay to enable a variety of teaching and assessment practices. For quick, ‘how to’ information go to the DMU Replay QuickGuides

There are also guides here that support you in making content available to students and working with the content that you may produce using DMU Replay. These cover:

Click the links above to be taken to the guide that you wish to view.

For quick, ‘how to’ information go to the DMU Replay QuickGuides

So what’s Panopto then?

DMU Replay is the name of our service for creating classroom recordings and other multimedia type artefacts to support teaching learning and assessment activities and enable colleagues to adhere to the DMU Replay policy as part of Universal Design for Learning. Although colleagues can use any means appropriate to create multimedia content, DMU has purchased and is centrally supporting the use of a technology called Panopto which is widely available for use by staff members on both DMU and personal equipment. DMU Replay and Panopto can be considered the same thing.

questionTroubleshooting and FAQs

Expand the categories below to view a list of FAQs

Software and hardware functionality (making your recording)

How do I log in to DMU Replay?

Whenever you access DMU Replay; either via the Panopto Recorder software or online in the web browser, you will need to log in to ‘DMU Replay’ using your Blackboard credentials.

How should I best use the Pause button?

Even when the Pause button is activated, Panopto will continue to record all of the streams that you have selected.
Although paused parts are automatically hidden from Viewers, Creators would be able to view the hidden parts while editing. Therefore, it is advisable to use the Pause button for short periods of time only, and when no sensitive content might be recorded.

If a student declares their contribution to be ‘in confidence’ – please Stop the recording and then Start to Record again when you are ready, two separate videos are created. It is possible to merge two short pieces of video later when editing OR you can just embed the two separate videos into Blackboard (part 1 and part 2).

Are all teaching spaces equipped with DMU Replay to record teaching?

DMU Replay will automatically start when you log on to the lectern/presenter PC in classrooms and labs. If it is closed by accident, DMU Replay can be opened from the Start menu.

Do I need any other equipment/software to use DMU Replay?

In teaching spaces the Panopto Recorder will start automatically on the lectern PC. If recording in these teaching spaces, you may find that you may need to borrow a microphone (depending on your delivery style) so that the audio is clear on your recording. The timetabling department and AV loans will be able to help and advise regarding timetabled spaces and the equipment that is available.

For recording at your desk, you will need ITMS to install the Application Jukebox Player in order to access DMU Replay from the software portal.

When using DMU Replay on a non-DMU computer, you can install the Panopto Recorder software providing you have administrator rights on the computer being used.

In addition, you may want to use additional audio/visual equipment when recording at your desk. Find out more on how to Record at your desktop.

Can I use DMU Replay to make a recording at my desk?

Yes you can, you will need to have the latest version of the Application Jukebox player installed by ITMS – this enables you to open the Panopto Recorder software from and record content on your computer screen. If you wish to include a recording of yourself you may need a webcam (which can be borrowed from AV loans if your computer does not have one). However if you are just recording for example PowerPoint slides and your audio (via a headset or an MS Lync phone) the Panopto Recorder software will suffice. Find out more on how to ‘Record at your desktop’.

Can I use DMU Replay off campus e.g. at home?

Yes, you will need to install the Panopto Recorder software. Find out here how to install the Panopto Recorder software. Also read ‘Record at your desktop’.

NOTE: When using DMU Replay on a personal or non-DMU computer, only limited technical support will be available from ITMS.

Do I have to wait in classrooms waiting for my recordings to be processed?

No, the Panopto Recorder software will begin to upload the recording as soon as it is started. Once the recording is stopped you may see a green and orange bar signifying the last elements of the upload but as soon as these bars disappear you can log off and shutdown the classroom computer. All of the processing is done behind the scenes and you will receive an email from DMU Replay once the recording is processed and ready.

What does ‘Offline Recording’ mean?

Offline recording provides the ability to use the Panopto Recorder software without being connected to the Internet. Recordings can be made and stored on a computer for uploading and processing at a later date. Be aware that offline recordings cannot be edited or worked with in any way until they have been uploaded and processed.

Can I record the classroom visualiser (document camera)?

In some classrooms the visualiser can be selected as either the Primary Source or a Secondary Source. However, in Edith Murphy and some Hugh Aston spaces this is not currently possible.

NOTE: One visualiser type does require a lot of computer power to record; specifically, the Lumens PS751. Where this is being recorded alongside slides or screen content, adding further video streams will risk a crash and result in a failed recording.

Do my recordings have to be associated with a Blackboard shell?

No, all DMU staff members should be able to log in to the system at Once logged in, you can create a Folder in the top level of the system that is independent of any Blackboard shells/module Folders by clicking the ‘Create’ button and selecting ‘New Folder’. By default, you will be the only Creator in this Folder and you can work with permissions to share the contents of the Folder as you begin to record sessions to it as appropriate.

Can I record multiple microphones?

No, the Panopto Recorder software will only accept one audio device in the ‘Audio’ section and this is the microphone that will be recorded. However, if you are recording in a classroom that has microphones in the ceiling, a lectern microphone and a Sennheiser clip on microphone; selecting ‘DMU Replay lectern microphone’ will record all of these microphones (when switched on) as they are all wired into the same input.

Are students able to record or upload to DMU Replay (Panopto)?

Yes, with the correct permissions and the Assignment Folder enabled students are able to use Panopto either on or off campus. There are Android and iOS app’s for mobile devices or students can download and install the Panopto Recorder Software for use with their computer. Students will be limited to a maximum resolution of 1080p but this should be fine in the majority of cases.

Why doesn't Panopto Recorder open via Application Jukebox at my desk?

If you have Application Jukebox installed but are seeing an error when trying to open Panopto from please contact ITMS.

Can I continue recording to a session after it has stopped?

Yes, after logging in to DMU Replay you can select older sessions from within the Panopto Recorder software. Click ‘Manage’ next to the Module code or Folder in which the existing session is stored and a web browser will open with a list of the sessions available. Locate the desired session and click ‘Settings>Resume’. This will start the recorder and any content created will be added to the previously created session.

Can I use DMU Replay alongside the TurningPoint voting system?

Yes, once DMU Replay opens automatically, close it and open TurningPoint via Application Jukebox. Click PowerPoint Polling and his will open PowerPoint with the TurningPoint tab loaded into the ribbon. Now, open DMU Replay from the Start menu as usual and ensure ‘Start presenting when recording starts’ is checked and click ‘Record’ to display the first slide, initiate the recording and preserve the TurningPoint functionality.

NOTE: if TurningPoint is set to ‘Always load add-in’ in the Preferences menu this will stop Panopto being able to open the presentation.

What is the difference between streaming and download?

Streaming describes a scenario in which the recording is watched over the Internet (or streamed) whilst the viewer is online. Streaming enables viewers to interact with and search the recording in the Panopto Viewer. Download relates to a copy of the recording being taken from the Panopto system for viewing when disconnected from the Internet in a more traditional media player such as VLC, QuickTime or Windows Media Player amongst others.

Why can't I 'Create' when logged in at

As a member of staff you will be able to sign in to DMU Replay at and view any recordings that have been shared appropriately. However, in order to Create Folders, Sessions and upload videos you must also be an Instructor on a Panopto provisioned Blackboard shell. If you are not an Instructor on such a shell the Create button will not be available for you to click.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts when using the Panopto recorder?

Yes, in Windows the following keyboard shortcuts will work even if the software is minimised:

  • F8 Record
  • F9 Pause/Resume
  • F10 Stop
Can I use DMU Replay on a Mac?

Yes, download the installation file from and install as usual. Open the software and ensure the Server Name is; click ‘Find providers’ and select ‘DMU Replay’.

The Mac version of the software will now open and you can record.

When I visit the software portal there are two versions of DMU Replay - which one do I need?

Click the ‘Launch’ button next to the version that best fits your use as follows:

  • ‘DMU Replay v1.0’ should be used at the desk and when connected to the Internet; or
  • Select ‘DMU Replay v1.0 (Portable)’ should you wish to record in offline mode whilst disconnected from the internet.

This will add the final version of the software to your player and you can continue to record.

If I record a video on the internet (e.g. YouTube) using the primary screen capture will I be able to hear the audio from the video in the DMU Replay recording?

No, there will be no audio. Also, recording internet video in DMU Replay may be a breach of copyright. If you show internet video content as part of your session/lecture, the recommended methods for including this internet video as part of your DMU Replay recording are:

1. add a hyperlink to the online video as an extra slide at the end of your presentation using the Edit function in DMU Replay. This link will open automatically when the end of the presentation recording is reached so that students can re-visit the video that you showed during the session.

2. Include the hyperlinks on a separate document (ms Word, PowerPoint) that is uploaded to your Blackboard module to accompany the DMU Replay recording.

I open my slides from Blackboard, how should I record them?

It is fine to do this, log in to DMU Replay as usual and then open the slides from Blackboard. With PowerPoint now open, the ‘Open a Presentation’ button in DMU Replay will disappear and you will be asked if you want to start presenting when the recording starts. Ensure this box is ticked and click the Record button in DMU Replay.

Note: There is a known issue when opening PowerPoint files that are saved in compatibility mode (.ppt) in this manner using Internet Explorer. DMU Replay will appear to record but the files will be corrupt and nothing will be created. The workarounds are to either:

  • Save a copy of the presentation to the computer’s desktop once opened and use this to teach/record with;
  • Save the files in the default PowerPoint format (.pptx) ad re-upload them to Blackboard; or
  • Use an alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome when opening slides in Blackboard ready to teach with.
Do I have to use the Panopto Recorder software to make videos?

No, the DMU Replay system can ingest any type of video. If it is not practical to use the Panopto Recorder software; videos can be made using traditional cameras, screencast software, or audio only recordings can be made in a more traditional manner and uploaded into the system for sharing. Note: uploaded video is restricted to a maximum resolution of 1080p.

Can I give my DMU Replay recording a more meaningful name?

Yes, before starting to record you can over-type the default name (date and time) in the ‘Record a new session called:’ field.

Can I or my students upload Ultra High Def' videos?

This depends on the file format. To overcome the 1080p resolution restriction the file format will need to be something other than .mp4 or .mov The official guidance on codecs and supported file types in DMU Replay is available here

Managing recordings

I copied a recording but the quiz has disappeared

Unfortunately quizzes are not included when copying recordings. If you need to re-use a recording that has a quiz inserted you will need to re-make the quiz after copying the recording.

I associated my recording with the wrong module. How can I locate my recording and associate it with the correct module?

  1. Navigate to and log in
  2. Locate the wayward recording in your All Sessions list
  3. Move your cursor over the recording entry and click the Settings button
  4. Cick Edit next to the Folder entry
  5. Using the drop down menu click the correct module that you wish to associate the recording with
  6. Click Save
  7. You should now be able to create a link to this recording in the correct module shell in Blackboard
How do I delete a recording?

To delete a recording, login at using your Blackboard credentials and click the Delete icon that appears under the recording.

Be aware that deleted recordings cannot be recovered.

Can I edit my recordings?

Yes, simple editing functionality is provided by Panopto that enables sections to be edited out and additions made. See instructions on how to use the Panopto Editor.

Can I get a deleted recording back?

No, once deleted recordings cannot easily be restored and therefore this is not part of the service.

Can I recover changes I have made in the Editor prior to the last save?

No, once saved, the Revert function will only roll the recording back to the point the last save was made. However, edits on the timeline can easily be removed by joining the handles up.

Can I add captions or subtitles to my recording?

Yes, DMU Replay will automatically generate captions based on the audio that is recorded but these do not appear by default. The automatic captions can be amended and released by following this guide.

DMU Replay can also handle caption files that may have been typed manually.

What options do I have for sharing recordings and Folder content?

The most likely scenario is that recordings that are associated with a specific module would be useful for students on a different module. Take a copy of the recording and place the copy in the folder that relates to the second module.

However, more complex sharing scenarios can be achieved by logging in at and working with permissions. We have the opportunity to create Folders and sub Folders with specific permissions and to change permissions on specific recordings to allow individuals or students on specific modules to view individual recordings should we not want to share an entire module’s folder using the copy method.

Can I upload my recordings to YouTube?

Yes, but this would involve downloading the Podcast in .mp4 format and uploading this to YouTube. Where there is a requirement to share recordings outside of the default settings it would be much easier to change the Share settings on the recording and either share the link or use the embed code to enable access to a wider audience.

Can I use 'normal' videos with DMU Replay?

Yes, if you have a video that has been produced in a traditional manner this can be uploaded into the DMU Replay system where it can be worked with in the Editor and shared.

How do I re-use a recording next year?

The best way to do this is to copy the recording and place the copy into next year’s Folder. Guidance on how to copy and move recordings is available here; once the copy is in place it can be selected in the new Blackboard shell.

Note: copying the recording ensures the original stays in situ for students to use for revision purposes (if required) the following year until the previous Blackboard shell is moved to the Blackboard archive system.

Accessing and playing recordings

How do I log in to DMU Replay?

Whenever you access DMU Replay; either via the Panopto Recorder software or online in the web browser, you will need to log in to ‘DMU Replay’ using your Blackboard credentials.

When and where will my recording(s) be available?

After the system has stopped recording it will automatically send the recording to be processed and will create the appropriate streaming media formats. Once the recordings have been processed (this can take up to 24 hours but the recording will usually be available to work with sooner) the recording will be available for editing and working with; including adding to Blackboard.

Will the recording be automatically shared with my students?

No, by default DMU Replay does not share anything with students. Once the recording is processed and available for editing and sharing, you will need to manually create the link in Blackboard for students to view the recording.

All recordings will be stored in the Panopto server located at You can login with your Blackboard credentials to access your recordings.

How do students access recordings?

Students can access recordings via their Blackboard modules by clicking on a link within a content area.

Watch a short video that shows students how to use the Viewer.

Students cannot see my recordings after doing a Course Copy to my new Blackboard shell
Although links to DMU Replay content can be copied in the Course Copy process, the new Blackboard shell must be Panopto provisioned to enable student access.All Blackboard shells will be automatically provisioned by ITMS ahead of the start of term.However there is a scenario in which the automatically applied provisioning can break if the ‘Settings’ are included in a Course Copy being performed after the destination course has been automatically provisioned.To rectify this, follow these steps to re-provision the course.Note: regardless of any provisioning issues, copying links to last year’s content does not automatically provide access to recordings for the current cohort. The recording also needs to be moved to the current year’s folder for access to be granted.
I've got an email saying that a user is requesting access to a recording. What do I do?
Do students need any special software to view content?

The Panopto viewing requirements can be found on the Panopto website here.

Who can view my recordings?

By default access to recordings is restricted to DMU University staff and students who are registered on the module for which the recording is intended and access is granted via Blackboard.

However, you can change the permissions relating to individual recordings and Folders either after the recording has been made or up front as sessions are built. For more information about working with permissions visit the Sharing content with individual students or with wider groups guide.

Can my recordings be downloaded for viewing whilst offline?

Yes, but regardless of the Share settings only authenticated users (logged in) will be given the option to download for watching offline. Audio is delivered in .mp3 format and video in .mp4.

Note: the default position here is that students cannot download. To change this enable the ‘Podcast Download’ at Folder level in the DMU Replay dashboard.

Why does Panopto not take my students to web pages I displayed when recording?

When we click links from PowerPoint slides during recording Panopto will add a link to the index at the appropriate time and take the student to the website as they are viewing the recording. If this functionality is not working when students watch the recording, ask the students to check for any security warnings or messages as this function can be blocked by some browsers by default.

Problems and issues (recording and playback)

Why have my student's uploads failed?

When using the Assignment folder for student submissions in DMU Replay there are two criteria that must be met:

  • The file must have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or lower (no Ultra High Def’ please); and
  • There must be an audio track present on the rendered file. Even if this is silent, if no audio track is encoded a No Primary Media error will result in DMU Replay.

If a student upload does fail, please do not remove the failed attempt as this will serve as proof that the student attempted to submit on time should there not be sufficient time to re-encode and upload prior to the due date.

Why don't I see DMU Replay Wireless microphone or Webcam microphone when using a different mic'?

Unless used frequently, the ‘names’ of these devices will be forgotten by the AV computers.

  • If you have plugged a wireless USB microphone in look for “Revolabs XTag(2)”
  • If you have plugged a webcam in look for “Desktop Microphone LifeCam”
What if I can't remember my username and password?

Your DMU Replay credentials are the same as those used to log on to the PC. However, if you input an incorrect password three times DMU Replay will lock you out of the system for 15 minutes. Please ensure that you know your username and password prior to making a recording.

DMU Replay has stopped working at my desk due to a license issue, what should I do?

Throughout the project, a number of ‘versions’ of the software were created for testing and delivered via Application Jukebox/Cloudpaging.

There are now two versions only.

To continue using DMU Replay visit and click the ‘Launch’ button next to the version that best fits your use as follows:

  • ‘DMU Replay v1.0’ should be used at the desk and when connected to the Internet; or
  • Select ‘DMU Replay v1.0 (Portable)’ should you wish to record in offline mode whilst disconnected from the internet.

This will add the final version of the software to your player and you can continue to record.

I'm only recording PowerPoint and audio but my recordings keep failing, what can I do?
There are a few known issues regarding PowerPoint and the current version of DMU Replay as follows:

  1. Opening slides from Blackboard before recording can lead to PowerPoint being used in ‘Protected View’ – this will result in a failed recording;
  2. Using ‘custom fonts’ in a presentation will result in a failed recording; and
  3. Slides with animations that are not editable will result in a failed recording.

These known issues will be fixed as and when the software is updated.

Why do my embedded videos appear 'fuzzy'?

When embedding videos into a website Panopto delivers the ‘Video podcast’ version. By default, this is a lower resolution. Log in at and change the Video podcast Quality to ‘1080 – HD’. The video will re-encode and be much clearer when embedded.

Why is there no audio on my finished recording?

If you are certain that the device you are using to watch is not muted it is more than likely that the microphone was not switched on during the recording process. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done other than to re-record the resource.

What's 'Silverlight' and why do I need it?

Silverlight is a plug-in for the web browser and the Panopto Advanced Editor needs this to be installed and activated (as you open the Editor) to enable editing of recordings. Google Chrome no longer supports Silverlight and therefore at present Google Chrome cannot be used to edit recordings.

The Basic Editor does not require any browser plug-ins to function.

Why has my recording failed to finalise/upload on a Mac?

This is a known intermittent issue and is being investigated. In the meantime, log in at and use the Create button to create an empty session in the Module Folder.

Enter the Editor for the newly created empty session.

On the computer click to view the recorded files and firstly upload the audio (.mp3) file as the Primary Stream and the visual (.mov) file as a Secondary Stream.

NOTE: Please DO NOT delete the failed session in the dashboard as this is valuable for investigating and troubleshooting.

One of my recordings has failed to process, should I delete it from the dashboard?

Please DO NOT delete failed sessions in the dashboard as these are valuable for investigating and troubleshooting.

When my Mac is plugged in I can see it on the projector but DMU Replay shows a blank box on the lectern PC.

This is a known issue when recording the output from a Mac using the classroom PC.

To remedy this, ensure that your Mac is set to display at 1920 x 1080 resolution. If this is not possible, you may need to install or open DMU Replay on the Mac and record rather than using the classroom computer to create the recording.

This issue is being monitored.


Due to the sensitive nature of my sessions I'd prefer to produce a summary at the desk after class - is this ok?

Yes, as long as the summary resource is online within 48 hours of the session finish this approach is fine in order to preserve the sensitive but valuable discussion/q&a elements of the session whilst providing a multimedia type resource for students to replay.

The full guide to ‘Recording at your desk’ is available here.

Who owns the copyright of recordings?

Links to online information on DMU’s copyright and Intellectual Property policies and the DMU Replay policy can be found here.

So if I DMU Replay my lectures, is that it for UDL?

No, the use of DMU Replay is just one small part of a Universal Design for Learning approach. For more guidance on a holistic approach to UDL please talk to your Faculty UDL Champion or explore the UDL Blackboard shell.

Training and support

Where can I get more training and support for DMU Replay?

Please contact your local ELT Project Officer who can direct you to support sessions and further advice with Panopto.


Technical Support

Telephone technical support for DMU Replay can only be provided during ITMS Service Desk hours (08:00 to 17:00 GMT) – this is an important consideration if you are recording outside of these hours.

The ITMS Out of Hours service will not be able to deal with specific DMU Replay issues.

Colleagues and students are able to install the Panopto software on a non-DMU device that might be used for work/academic activities, this quick guide shows you how to install the Panopto recorder software. Please be aware that there will be no technical support available for using DMU Replay (Panopto) on non-DMU provided equipment.

questionIf you are still experiencing difficulties contact the ITMS Service Desk on ext: 6050.

To report non-urgent issues use the ITMS self-service request portal: