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This guide enables you to install the DMU Replay software on a non-DMU issued computer that may be used for work/academic purposes.

What you will need

  • An Internet connected Mac or Windows PC with administrator access

1. Once logged on to the computer, open your preferred web browser and navigate to (this will re-direct you to

2. Click the ‘Sign In’ button.

The Sign in button

3. Log in using your usual Blackboard log in details.

DMU Replay login

importantIn order to log in here you must be an Instructor on a ‘Panopto provisioned’ Blackboard shell or a registered DMU Student. Provisioning can be done by Instructors on the Blackboard shell, click here to view the guide.

4. You will now see the DMU Replay dashboard.

DMU Replay Home screen

5. At the top right of the screen, you will see the ‘Download Recorder’ option.

6. Click the Download Recorder link.

The Download Panopto link

7. Click the Download Panopto button.

The Download Panopto button

8. Download and install the software as usual, ensuring that the ‘Panopto Web Server’ is set to

9. The software will now be installed.

importantMac users may be presented with an additional popup (ensure that the Server name is; click ‘Find providers’ and select ‘DMU Replay’. Login using your usual Username and password. The Mac Version of the software will now open and you can record

10. Click here for a guide about using DMU Replay to record on a non-DMU computer.

If you wish to explore different ways in which Panopto may be able to help with innovation please contact your local ELT Project Officer.

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