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This guide provides information that will help you to facilitate students uploading to the DMU Replay system whilst maintaining a level of privacy by default.

The Assignment Folder function provides a space that students can access when either using the DMU Replay recorder software or when uploading videos that may have been recorded using other software and devices for assessment.

important If your module folder is shared outside of the default permissions it is likely that other colleagues will be able record to your new Assignment folder.

important When uploading videos the DMU Replay system can only handle a maximum resolution of 1080p. This is High Definition and will be fine in the majority of cases but if you require a higher resolution please see the FAQ titled Can I or my students upload Ultra High Def’ videos?

What you will need

  • An Internet connected PC – to perform these actions you do not need any specialised software, only an Internet connection and a web browser.

1. Once logged on to the computer, open your preferred web browser and navigate to

The DMU Replay Homepage

2. Click Sign and use your Blackboard credentials to access DMU Replay

importantIn order to log in here you must be an Instructor on a ‘DMU Replay provisioned’ Blackboard shell. DMU Replay provisioning can be done by Instructors on the Blackboard shell, click here to view the guide

3. Click Browse and select the Folder (Module) for which you want to enable the Assignment Folder

Clicking Browse and locating the Module Folder

4. Once in the Folder, click the Folder Settings icon

folder settings icon

5. Click the Create Assignment Folder link

Clicking the Assignment Folder link

6. A new Folder will appear underneath the Module Folder in the left hand side

The Assignment Folder

Colleagues and students will now be able to select this Folder when recording, but student recordings in the Assignment Folder remain private between the student and the Instructor(s).

important Where there are multiple assessed components to be submitted via DMU Replay; colleagues should create a new folder for each component and enable the Assignment Folder for each of these. This will provide multiple Assignment Folders for a single module.

7. Follow the process for creating a Blackboard Assignment tool link to provide a space for students to submit the link to their recordings.

The process for students follows.

Download the student process in a modifiable format (MS Word)

important The Firefox web browser may not work with DMU Replay. Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

1. Navigate to

Navigating to

2. Click the Sign In buttons

The Sign In buttons

3. Log in using your usual Blackboard pnumber and password

Logging in

4. Click Browse

Browsing for the Assignment Folder

5. Locate and click the Assignments Folder for the module you are submitting for

Selecting the Assignment Folder

6. Ensure you are looking at the Assignments Folder (this is very important – if you upload your submission into the main module folder everyone on the module will be able to view it; in some cases this could be a breach of data protection).

Checking the correct folder has been selected

7. Click Create followed by Upload media

Selecting Upload media

8. Click the grey box and browse for your video

important you may also drag and drop here

Uploading media

9. The system will upload your video – wait for the green bar to disappear

Ensuring the upload completes

10. Close the smaller inner window

Closing the Upload media window

11. You will receive an email from DMU Replay – this is your digital receipt

important if you do not receive this email within 24 hours please contact ITMS to report a fault

The email from DMU Replay

12. Copy the View link onto your computer’s clipboard

Copying the View link

13. Log in to Blackboard and go to the appropriate module shell

The Blackboard shell

14. Locate and click the appropriate Video Presentation submission link

Locating the video submission link

15. Paste the View link from the email into the Comments box and click Submit

Pasting the View link

16. Ensure you see the Success message in Blackboard to confirm your submission

important if you do not see the Success message contact ITMS to report a fault

Ensuring the submission is successful

17. The student has now uploaded and submitted.

If you wish to explore different ways in which DMU Replay may be able to help with innovation please contact your local ELT Project Officer.

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