Once a programme has been recorded using BoB, it can be trimmed down into a clip or it can be used in its entirety.

For staff members, BoB recordings can be embedded into Blackboard using the Embed code – in this example, I will talk about embedding a full episode of BBC’s Pointless into a content area in Blackboard.

Once a TV or radio programme is recorded using BoB, it will appear in the user’s ‘MyBoB’ area once logged in.

Content is organised into Requested, Playlists and Clips.

Locate the Clip that is to be embedded.

My BoB
Click the Share button. The Share button

Using the mouse, take a copy of the Embed code. Do not log out of BoB at this point.

Log into Blackboard and using either a new or existing Content Area, create a new ‘Item’.

Type a meaningful title for the Item.

Using the ‘Toggle HTML mode’ button, Toggle HTML edit mode enter the HTML mode and paste the Embed code into Blackboard.

The HTML editor view
Click the ‘Update’ button. The HTML mode update button

The BoB resource is now embedded into the Item, click the ‘Submit’ button to finish creating the Item.

Note: Depending on the browser that is being used, it may be blocked due to security settings related to Mixed content.

FireFox 25 Mixed Content blocking
In this example, FireFox 50 was used; clicking on the grey shield (next to the padlock) followed by the drop-down arrow will present an option to ‘Disable Protection on This Page’. FF25 unblocking content
‘Disabling Protection on This Page’ will cause the browser to refresh. Upon entering the Content Area again, the BoB recording should display in an embedded video player. Embedded BoB
When students view the embedded content, they may have to log into BoB before watching the content in Blackboard – if this is the case, the screen that is shown opposite will appear. Students should click the link and log into BoB to enable embedded content in Blackboard. Logged out of BoB
Using the buttons on the video player; viewers can pause, skip, adjust the volume and enter Full Screen mode whilst viewing or listening to the recording. BoB embedded player buttons