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Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • How to setup and organise Content Folders in Blackboard that are only accessible to specific student Groups

Groups in Blackboard can be used to disseminate teaching, learning and assessment content to specific groups of students. This can be a particularly useful approach for managing the delivery of blended learning. In Blackboard, a Content Folder (and all the content within it) can be assigned to be visible only to a pre-defined group of students.

NOTE: this approach should only be used if there are a small number of Groups per module instructor, as setting up individual Group Content Folders is time consuming.

1. An example of the use of Group content folders

2. The process for creating Group content folders

In this example the instructor has created a Learning Materials content folder for each Group.

content folders

Within each group content folder, the instructor has added the weekly learning materials that are specifically for the group. E.g. when going into the Group 1 – Learning Materials folder we see:

content folders

Using this approach means that when a student accesses the Module they will only see content that has been allocated to their group. E.g. when a student from Group 1 logs in to Blackboard and accesses the Learning Materials content area

learning materials tab

they will be presented with their group Learning Materials content folder.

group content folder

Here is a side by side comparison of what a student in Group 1 and a student in Group 2 sees when they click on the Learning Materials content area in the main menu.

Group 1 student view

group content folder

Group 2 student view

group content area

Students will only see content that has been allocated to their Group.

How do instructors access particular Group folders?

All instructors who are enrolled on a module can access all group folders. The group folders only limit access to students, not instructors.

This means that there is no specific setup process required if particular instructors are assigned oversight of particular group folders (i.e. a particular group of students).

Creating Group content folders

1. In the Learning Materials content area create a Content Folder for each Group, using a standard content folder.

content folder option

group content folders

2. Click the edit options button for a group folder.

edit content button

3. Click the Adaptive Release option. Adaptive release is used to control who has access to this content folder.

adaptive release option

4. Scroll the screen down to the Membership panel. From the list of groups click on the group that you want to assign this content folder to, and click the arrow to move the group into the selected items window.

membership panel

5. Click the Submit button.

membership panel

You will see a success message, and the Adaptive release enabled message will appear on the content folder.

success message

Repeat this process for all of your group content folders.

Having done this, a student from Group 1 will only see their Group content folder, and not that of any other Group.

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