Converting a Word document to a Webpage, using Sway
  1. If your Word document is not already in 1Drive: login to your 0365 account and upload the document into your 1Drive

Upload to 1Drive

2. In 1Drive, open your Word document.  To save the document as a Sway page: click File>Export>Transform to Webpage

Click File to begin

Click Export

On the next screen you just need to follow through by clicking the Transform button.

Sway generation

The Sway will now be generated. It may take a minute, then offer the option to Edit.

Note if you are in My Sways you can get the link from there also: click on the 3 dots at the top-right of the Sway. You can either click to copy the link or to play the Sway.

Edit or copy link

  • Sway has accessibility checks built in and available in the settings.
  • Ensure you have set the permissions first, to specify who is able to view the Sway before you circulating the link.

Permissions and sharing Sway

Checking and Editing your Sway

Note: Although Sway will automatically try to convert your document, it may not be necessarily create it exactly how you want it.  Ensure you look through to check that images or text is displaying correctly in Sway, and edit if needed.

If you are unfamiliar with SWAY, a great way to learn to edit is through this SWAY tutorial and example from Microsoft