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Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • How to use the Adaptive Release function in Blackboard to make individual items in Blackboard visible to specific Groups of students

Individual Items in a Blackboard module can be adapted to be visible only to a certain specified group. As follows:

This Item has been added to the Module Information area, it is currently visible to all students on the module.

an item

To make the Item visible to, e.g. Group 2 students only:

1. Click the Item option button

item option button

2. From the option menu select Adaptive Release.

adaptive release

3. Click Group 2 from the group list and use the arrow button to move Group 2 into the selected items window.

add groups panel

4. Click the submit button.

submit button

The Item will now only be visible to Group 2 students – despite it being in an open area of Blackboard. E.g.

Group 2 student view

item view

Group 1 student view (the Item is not visible)

item view

Can Turnitin submissions be limited to individual Groups?

The same method for applying an adaptive release to an Item can be applied to a Turnitin submission link. This allows specific Turnitin submissions to be setup for specific groups.

turnitin adaptive release

Can Blackboard online tests be limited to specific groups?

The same method for applying an adaptive release to an Item can be applied to an online test link. This allows specific online tests to be setup for specific groups.

adaptive release option

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