Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a virtual synchronous classroom (aka. webinar ) system that is integrated into Blackboard. It enables tutors and students to interact and collaborate in real-time, online.

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questionWhat is a webinar?

Short for Web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop, seminar or meeting that is transmitted over the internet. It includes live audio and video, and facilitates real-time interactivity between the participants. So it’s a bit like Skype but with extra interactive functionality.

questionWhat's so special about Collaborate Ultra?

There are plenty of technologies that facilitate one to many dissemination (broadcasting). But it’s the two way aspect that enables interaction between presenter(s) and audience that makes Collaborate Ultra ideal for the broad range of uses listed below. . . and not only for teaching and learning.

Potential uses for Collaborate Ultra

large_arrowTeaching, learning and assessment

  • Tutorial sessions with students – particularly useful for those students who, due to work/family commitments may find it difficult to travel to DMU just for a tutorial
  • Distance learning – deliver online presentations/teaching sessions for distance learning students
  • Viva’s – students can present viva type assessments without having to be in the same physical space as the tutor
  • PhD student supervision – no need to have your PhD student travel in to DMU, you can meet them online and share documents
  • Independent student study groups – students can be given access their own collaborate space for independent group work
  • Student presentations – students can deliver a presentation (poster presentations too) without having to be in the same physical space as the audience
  • Guest speakers/lecturers – have a guest speaker/lecturer present to your students from a remote location, no need for the guest to be physically present in the classroom (and no need for travel expenses)
large_arrowOnline meetings

  • Research – have interactive meetings with fellow researchers who are not local to DMU
  • DMU meetings – schedule DMU meetings that can be accessed from staff offices, or off campus locations rather than having to book a physical space
  • Professional practice partners – have interactive meetings with associated partners in professional practice without having to visit them at their place of work or have them come to DMU
  • Team meetings – have interactive team meetings without the trouble of having to locate/book an appropriate room at DMU
  • Appraisals – conduct appraisal meetings online
large_arrowConference and symposium broadcast

  • Running a conference/symposium at DMU? – You can potentially increase your audience by broadcasting the conference proceedings live. And remote participants can actively interact with the conference, not just passively observe.
  • Guest speakers – have guest speakers address your symposium/conference audience from a remote location.
large_arrowProfessional development

  • Deliver professional development sessions online – no need to book a physical space
large_arrowProject management

  • Schedule project team meetings and share key documentation without all team members having to be in the same physical space


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