Due to Covid-19 the majority of teaching is taking place online.

You should contact your Programme Leader to discuss how teaching, learning and assessment is being delivered on your Programme.

Information about the effective use of technologies for teaching at a distance can be found at this link

All standard classrooms have a lectern through which you can control the presentation technologies: computer, projector, microphone, visualiser, external laptop connection.
And in some spaces there can be a Blue Ray/DVD player, a ceiling mounted video camera, a web cam or integrated computer monitor camera.


Some classroom lecterns have a push button controller.


Others have a touch screen controller.


There is no central training provided for the operation of the classroom presentation technologies.

Each room will have a laminated instruction sheet giving basic instructions as to how to operate the equipment. It is recommended that you spend some time in a classroom before you officially begin teaching, familiarising yourself with the equipment. If possible you might consider asking one of your colleagues to show you how to use the equipment.