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Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • How to create a Test in Blackboard as an exam, and
  • How to use the ‘double-timed’ technique to ensure students are timed.

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1. From the Content Area move over Assessments and click on Test.

Selecting Test from the Content Area

2. Click the Create button.

The Create button

3. Provide a name and instructions, click Submit.

Typing the name and instructions

4. Move over Create Question and select File Response.

Selecting File Response

5. Complete the Question Title and Question Text fields, click Submit.

Authoring the question

The Note icon The Question Title is not visible to students – this is for staff reference only.

The Note icon Ensure that the blank exam paper is included in the Question Text only, alongside the further instructions.

6. Ensure the Points field is set to 100 and click Submit and Ok.

Setting Points to 100

7. Select the new Test and click Submit.

Selecting and submitting the new Test

8. On the following screen set these options:

  • Show test description to students before they begin the test. NO
  • Open test in new window. NO
  • Make Available to students. YES
  • Add a new announcement for this test. NO
  • Multiple Attempts. NO
  • Force Completion. NO
  • Set Timer. YES
  • Minutes. THE AMOUMT OF TIME THE EXAM REQUIRES (e.g. 180 minutes for a 3 hour exam)
  • Auto-Submit. ON
  • Display After. 8AM ON THE DAY OF THE TEST
  • Display Until. 6PM ON THE DAY OF THE TEST
  • Password. LEAVE BLANK.


The Note icon Although the system will allow attempts to be started up to and including 5.59PM; students should be advised that they should start their attempt no later than 3pm to ensure support is available if required during their exam time.

9. Allocate any extra time requirements using the Add user or Group button. Click Submit.

The Add user or Group button

The Note icon When allocating extra time requirements please be aware that time should be allocated to those students who qualify for extra time and those who qualify for a stop the clock break.

10. The Test is now deployed and will be available to students at 09:00hrs on the day of the exam. When students click the Begin button to start the Test, the timer will begin.

The deployed Test