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This approach is to be employed for timetabled synchronous sessions that are to be delivered via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra or a Microsoft Teams meeting. This process has been designed to ensure that students will be able to access their synchronous sessions from the Blackboard module shell in a way that is both straightforward and consistent across all modules.

The Note icon The source information for this approach is the academic register.

Blackboard Collaborate UltraBlackboard Collaborate Ultra

If you are intending to deliver your synchronous sessions via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:


Please ensure:

  • Your session link includes the date and time (this should match with information on the student timetable).
  • Your name is included in the session title.
  • Session access links are made available in a specified content area – we recommend that this employs a content area link in the left-hand menu. Guidance for setting up a Blackboard content area is available at this link.
  • In modules with repeated sessions and multiple tutors students are reminded that they should only attend the session that matches the detail on their timetable.


The Note icon If the module team decide to set up separate blackboard groups, each with their own synchronous meeting details. Guidance for setting up Blackboard groups is available via this link. Guidance for setting the adaptive release of content folders is available at this link.

Teams icon Microsoft Teams  –   please note that this system will not be live until mid September 2020.

If you are intending to deliver your synchronous sessions via a Microsoft Teams meeting:

  • Identify synchronous sessions date and time from your academic register.
  • Use the student list associated with each synchronous session to generate a Blackboard group with no tools available to the students. Guidance for setting up Blackboard groups is available via this link.
  • Ensure that that group name includes _msteams at the end.
  • Include the name of the tutor associated with each group in the group name.


The Note icon The _msteams suffix will ensure that a corresponding Team is set up in Office 365. All instructors on a Blackboard module will by default become Teachers on that Team. This process will take approximatley 24 hours to complete.

If a Team for all students on a module is required then a single group will need to be produced in that Blackboard shell with the _msteams suffix in the group name.

Please ensure:


The Note iconMeeting links can be copied directly from the calendar invite to a particular Team meeting. Please ensure that the header is changed to include the Date, time and tutors name.

The Note icon If you have set up a single Team for a large cohort and are intending to run multiple sessions (repeated) for sub groups. These sub groups should be set up in Blackboard first, which will enable the formation of separate Teams.