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Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know, how to;

  • create an attendance list from a Collaborate Ultra scheduled session;
  • create an attendance list from Collaborate Ultra group rooms.


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Attendance list from Collaborate Ultra scheduled sessions

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How to

1. Having logged into Blackboard, click on Session settings then View reports.

View reports

2. From the list, click on View report for the desired session.

Report of Collaborate Ultra session

Attendance list from Collaborate Ultra group rooms

Reports are not available for Collaborate Ultra sessions that do not have an end time. Therefore, group rooms do not generate reports.

A list of the attendees can be viewed from the Attendees pane in the Collaborate Panel. Take a screen shot or use the Snipping Tool to capture the attendee list once the session has started, perhaps after the learning objectives have been presented, to give attendees time to join and sort out any connection issues.

How to

1. Open the Collaborate Panel.

Collaborate Panel toggle

2. Open the Attendee pane.

Tab for Attendees panel

3. Use the Snipping Tool or take a screen shot using print screen. Attendees pane

4. Save the image.