I amjulia-reeve-02 the Research ELT Officer for the Graduate School, and joined the CELT team in June 2015.  My role involves the development and evaluation of online courses for PhD researchers, and work towards a Virtual Graduate School at DMU.  I am particularly interested in inclusive approaches to learning design, with an emphasis on visual learning.

I worked as a designer in the fashion industry before moving into teaching, then spent around 10 years as a lecturer in Further Education.  In 2006 I joined DMU, and have worked as a Senior Lecturer in Art, Design & Humanities since then, delivering Critical & Contextual Studies across a range of Fashion programmes.  I have also been involved in postgraduate teaching, specialising in Ethical Fashion.

In 2011 I became a DMU Teacher Fellow, and my main research area concerns overcoming barriers that vocational Art & Design students (and others) may have when engaging with written assignments.

I am co-ordinator for the East Midlands Centre for Writing PAD http://writing-pad.org.