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In the scenario where colleagues need to share documents or prepare an area in Blackboard for External Examiner access; the following steps should be followed to ensure such an area remains hidden from students.

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1. Move the mouse over the Add Menu Item icon and select Content Area.

Adding a new Content Area

2. In the Name field, type the desired name as it will appear in the navigation and click Submit.

Adding a name to the new Content Area

The Note icon Please do not select Available to Users.

3. The new Content Area will now appear toward the bottom of the navigation.

The new Content Area

The Note icon The ‘This link is hidden from students’ icon is displayed next to the new Content Area.

The 'This link is hidden from students' icon

4. Click into the new Content Area and move the mouse over Build Content.

The Build Content menu

5. Below New Page, select Content Folder.

Selecting Content Folder

6. Provide an appropriate name for the folder and ensure that Permit Users to View this Content is set to No. Click Submit.

The Create Content Folder screen

7. The hidden folder now exists within the hidden Content Area.

The newly created hidden folder

The Note icon Any documents that are uploaded to this folder should be saved with password protection enabled and passwords shared under separate cover.