DLaT QuickGuides contain brief step-by-step guides to some of the basic procedures when using the core teaching and learning technologies at DMU.

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blackboardBlackboard QuickGuides

Start of new academic year tasks

Working with content

Tests and Surveys

Grade Centre


dmureplay2DMU Replay QuickGuides

How do I?

nextEffectively familiarise myself with the DMU Replay (Panopto) software

nextUse the Basic DMU Replay Editor

nextAdd the automatic captions to my DMU Replay recording

nextUse the Focus tool to create a switched effect when slides are not recorded

nextProvision a Blackboard module to accept DMU Replay recordings

nextSet up private Folders for student feedback videos

nextAdd a quiz to a DMU Replay recording

nextSet up a practice folder for trying out DMU Replay

nextRecord a live classroom session, lecture or presentation

nextRecord at my desk

nextAdd a DMU Replay recording into a Blackboard module

nextMake last year’s recording(s) available to this year’s students (re-use recording(s))

nextMake a single DMU Replay recording visible in two or more modules

nextCompletely hide a DMU Replay recording from students until I am ready to release it

nextLocate a recording that I associated with the wrong module and associate it with the correct module

nextRecord a PowerPoint presentation so that the slide notes are visible to students

nextAdd a (non-Panopto) video or audio recording that I have on my computer desktop to a Blackboard module – from step 7

nextDownload a DMU Replay recording as a video file

nextMerge two sessions

nextRespond to a user access request email for DMU Replay

nextTransfer a piece of video from a camcorder or mobile device into the DMU Replay system

nextShare a DMU Replay recording with all staff and students at DMU using a hyperlink

nextShare DMU Replay recordings with persons outside DMU

nextAccess viewing statistics for a recording

nextCheck that the microphone is setup correctly for DMU Replay recording in the classroom

turnitinTurnitin QuickGuides