Creating technology-based educational resources at DMU. [These projects were completed: July 2021]

We are currently working on two projects to identify the use of emerging technology to create digital learning tools to enhance the student learning experience.

A key part of the research is to engage with academic staff in order to ascertain which specific areas of the DMU curriculum could benefit from this type of resource, and to evaluate the pedagogic benefits of these technologies.

Project 1: Immersive Panoramas

Determining the extent to which immersive panoramas can be developed and deployed as interactive online educational resources.

Virtual Reality photospheres (or immersive panoramas) are panoramic photographs encompassing a 360-degree circle or spherical view; wherein the viewer can dynamically change their point of view in any direction. These panoramas can be populated with interactive content in the form of clickable items, to augment the space and create a rich and dynamic information resource.

Some Universities have been exploring the potential use of this technology to virtualise physical learning spaces and embed interactive content, for example the University of Southampton:

Project 2: Augmented Reality at DMU

The second project will scope current and innovative methods, tools, techniques and skills required for augmented reality (AR) implementation and identify potential use of AR at DMU.

The project is interested in all types of mixing the real and virtual, through techniques such as overlaying interactive text, images, video, audio, 3D models or animations into representations of real-world environments. This includes 360 images, mobile apps, simulations or educational games that can potentially provide opportunities for creative learning information or fact finding.

We will be arranging staff focus groups in early Spring (2021) to further discuss the use of these technologies and to get staff feedback.

We may also be seeking expressions of interest from academic and professional services staff, to participate in a potential pilot project to further explore the development and implementation of these resources as part of the curriculum.

If you would like to find out more about these projects please send an email to:

Immersive Panoramas

Sarah Gomes:

Project supervisor: Dr Rob Weale.

Augmented Reality at DMU

Dani Shalet:

Project supervisor: Heather Conboy.