DMU ReplayRecording asynchronous resources using DMU Replay

Blackboard Collaborate UltraRunning synchronous sessions using a virtual classroom


Where can I find 'how to' guides on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?


Can live virtual sessions be recorded?

It is inevitable that some staff led activity will naturally take place when interacting with students in a live virtual classroom. Also, recording student discussions and contributions can be pedagogically valuable for students as a mechanism for reflection and creating content for student e-portfolios. If you plan to record in a live (synchronous) online classroom please click this link for more information about GDPR and completing a Data Protection Impact Assessment prior to recording using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

The resultant recording must then be downloaded, deleted from Blackboard Collaorate Ultra and uploaded to DMU Replay. Please click this link to see how to download, delete and upload your recording.


Can Blackboard Collaborate Ultra use multiple cameras?

Yes, the software can interact with up to two cameras. One camera can be activated by clicking the Share Video button on the main screen and the other can be accessed using the Share Content button.


Can I change the position of my webcam?

Depending on the type of webcam in use, this may be possible. If the webcam is plugged in using a USB cable then it may be positioned where desired assuming the cable is long enough. However, if the webcam is fixed (built into the computer) then unfortunalty this will not be possible.


Can I share my screen with students?

Yes, this can be achieved using the Share Content button. When the screen is initially shared you will see a strange looking ‘hall of mirrors’ type effect. Don’t worry, this will go away once you start to show other windows/content to the students.


Can I use the Guest link in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

Please do not use the Guest link with enrolled students – it should only be used to enable external/guest speakers to address a session. If the Guest link is shared with students they will be anonymous in the session which raises potential issues around GDPR and Attendance and Engagement tracking. Students should always log in to Blackboard and click through to the Collaborate Ultra session via the associated module shell.