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The Note icon This guide is only for when a DMU issued Windows PC is in use.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • How to open the DMU Replay recorder software.


Watch a video of this guide.

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How to

1. With a web browser open, navigate to

Navigating to

2. Sign in to the website using your usual DMU details.

Signing in at

3. Click the Launch icon next to DMU Replay v3 (Portable).

Clicking the Launch icon

4. Click the Continue button.

Clicking the Continue button

5. With DMU Replay v3 (Portable) selected, click the second Launch icon.

Clicking the second Launch icon

6. The DMU Replay recorder software will open and be ready to sign in.

The DMU Replay recorder software

NB: If you are working remotely and having difficulties, you may want to try opening your VPN Link (see information internally on the remote learning page at this link