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The Note icon When embedding third party online content we must:

  • Ensure that resources follow the principles of UDL and general accessibility legislation, and
  • adhere to copyright legislation.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • How to embed a YouTube video into your DMU Replay recording, and
  • How to link from your DMU Replay recording to a webpage.


Watch a video of this guide.

Download a transcript of this video.

How to

1. In the DMU Replay portal, click the Edit button for the recording to be augmented.

Clicking Edit on the desired recording

2. Move the playhead to the time at which you want the embedded content to appear.

Locating the playhead at the desired time

3. Click the Add Content (+) button.

Clicking Add Content

4. To embed a YouTube video, click on Add a YouTube video.

5. Paste the link to the YouTube video into the Link field and click Done.

Embedding a YouTube video

6. To the left, locate the new link in the Contents list and click Add a title.

7. Type a name for the link and press return on the keyboard.

Re-naming the YouTube link in DMU Replay

8. To add a link to a website repeat the above process but select Add a webpage.

9. Complete the Title and Link fields and click Save.

Saving the Web page link details