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The Note icon Uploading materials enables us to:

  • Provide all documentation in advance of the session in the Blackboard module shell (UDL), and
  • Ensure that any slides and additional documents used or recommended for pre or extension activities are accessible to all.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • how to upload a presentation file into a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, and
  • how to share your screen with a Blackboard Collaborate session.


Watch a video of this guide.
Windows users

Download a transcript of this video.

Mac users


Download a transcript of this video.


How to

1. With the Blackboard Collaboate Utra session open, click the Open Collaborate Panel button toward the bottom right of the screen.

The Open Collaborate Panel button

2. Click the Share Content button.

The Share Content button

3. Click on Share Files.

The Share Files link

4. Click on Add Files in the grey box and browse to teh desired file.

Clicking Add Files

5. The presentation file is uploaded. It can be stored in the session for sharing later or click Share Now to share the presentation immediatley.

Sharing an uploaded presentation

6. To share your screen click the arrow next to Share Files.

Moving out of Share Files

7. Click Share Application/Screen.

Clicking the Share Application/Screen link

8. Ensure that Audio is selected, click on the screen preview and click Share.

Enabling screen sharing

The Note icon This example shows the Google Chrome web browser being used in Windows 10. Other browsers may look different when sharing screen.

9. Your screen will now be shared with the session.