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The Note icon When online we lose the visual clues to student engagement and understanding and so we need to ensure that there are many opportunities to review our students’ acquisition of the Learning Outcomes. It is Important to include knowledge checks alongside a statement of the Learning Outcomes to be covered in any session. Other best practise includes:

  • Reiteration of the LOs at the end of the session and indicate where students can go for additional/follow up support (such as a forum).
  • Use of the chat panel – if asking questions consider how to frame the question – can the answer be stated in a limited number of words.
  • Students trying to type essay answers to open ended questions is problematic. Has a slide with a possible answer been included – it should.
  • If more than 20 students are present and all type at same time in chat it can cause connection issues and the facilitator will not have time to read all and answer in a time limited session. Alternatives – consider linking to forum for asynchronous follow up discussion.
  • As an alternative, students can be asked a reflective question to think about – give a time limit and then provide a slide with your thoughts. Further discussion can take place following in an asynchronous forum.
  • Consider whether all students can use the chat panel as access can vary by device.
  • Use the polling option and multiple choice questions. Ensure that a slide with the correct answer is included and give sufficient time for students to think about and answer.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • how to use the polling tool in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.


Watch a video of this guide.

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How to

1. From within the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, click on the Open Collaborate panel button and select Share Content.

Selecting Share Content

2. Click on Polling.

The Polling link

3. Select the required question type.

Selecting the required question type

The Note icon In this example a multiple choice question will be selected.

4. Using the Add choice link and the Trash buttons, author the question and add the desired options. Click Start.

Question and options authoring

5. The poll will appear on all screens for use by the Participants.

An active poll