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The Note icon Recordings made outside of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra need to be added to the module folder in DMU Replay to ensure:

  • Captioning for students with specific requirements as a component of UDL are fulfilled.
  • Students are able to interact with and search recordings.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this guide you should know;

  • How to download a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recording and upload it into DMU Replay, and
  • How to delete the recording from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.


Watch a video of this guide.
Windows users

Download a transcript of this video.

Mac users

Download a transcript of this video.


How to

1. Click the burger bar menu and select Recordings.

Selecting recordings in the menu

2. In the recordings panel change the Filter setting to Recordings in a Range

range filter option

3. Enter the range over which time you want to view recordings From/To

set range option

4. Select Recording options and click Download.

Selecting Recording options and Download

The Note icon For speed and/or convenience, some colleagues have found that downloading multiple files from Collaborate at this stage and then uploading these multiple files into Replay (step 9 below) can be beneficial. Please ensure you keep track of which file(s) correspond to which lecture/seminar.

5. The recording will be downloaded.

The Note icon For Windows users, this will likely be downloaded to the computer’s Downloads folder. At this point you should check that the downloaded video plays.

6. Click on Recording options and Delete.

Deleting the recording from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

The Note icon Deleting the recording is crucial to ensure any potential GDPR breaches are avoided.

7. In the module where you want to make the recording available to students – click on Tools* followed by Panopto Content.
(*Click here to find out how to add a Tools link to the main menu if there isn’t one on your module)

Tools link

Selecting the Panopto Content tool

8. Click the Create button and select Upload media.

Clicking Create and selecting Upload media

9. Either drag the downloaded video file into the grey box or click the box and browse for the downloaded .mp4* file.

Adding files to a folder

The Note icon When uploading downloaded .mp4 files, please note you can drag and drop or browse for multiple files, allowing them to be uploaded in a batch (if you have downloaded multiple files from Collaborate).

multiple upload

10. Delete the downloaded video file (.mp4) from your computer – if necessary.

The Note icon If the recording contains student details or interactions, deleting the recording from your computer is crucial to ensure any potential GDPR breaches are avoided.

*.mp4 stands for MPEG4 Part 14. Further information about this video format can be obtained by clicking this link.

Image showing the .mp4 file extension